This is my list of references to the Watchtower literature that shows how the Watchtower teachings are inconsistent, weird or outright wrong. Many Jehovah’s witnesses simply will not look at anything but their literature, not even the Bible, and even refuse Watchtower literature that is too old. But these links are all from the latest, current material straight on their own website. so these are references that no JW can in good conscience say is false or doctored.

Prophecy and predictions

This is significant because claiming to be a prophet is serious business. A person claiming to be a prophet of Jehovah but gave predictions that failed was not a true prophet, and they should not listen to them , false prophets were to be killed likely by stoning. So if the Watchtower has any failed predictions at all, we really ought to drag them outside the camp and stone them to death.

False predictions

Worshiping Jesus

1914 / Christ’s presence


Flip-flopping on issues

They often claim that new light can change doctrines, but that the progress is forward. But in some cases their view has been flip-flopping back and forth. If you continue doing 180° turns you can’t claim any “progress”.

The Watchtower itself says “Christians can’t be wishy-washy”. But here are some wishy-washy teachings:

Will the men of Sodom be resurrected or not?

Who are the “superior authorities”?

This teaching was heavily influenced by fear of the Nazi regime and 2nd world war. Read the whole story here. This article also describes the whole process, how they were right, then wrong then right again just for convenience’s sake.

To explain away this 180° wishy-washy uninspired behavior they claim it to be like the tacking, or zig-zaging of a sailing boat. But tacking is never in 180° turns. That gets you nowhere. If they ever got it right and actually had the truth at any point, that point was short and the rest of their history they’ve been teaching falsehood.

Bible translation

On the one hand, the Watchtower emphatically claims that the Bible has not been changed.

On the other hand, when it comes to inserting the name Jehovah into the New Testament even though no manuscripts use the name anywhere, they claim that the Bible has been changed. They claim a ridiculous conspiracy that the name was removed by “scribes” in the 2nd century.

When translating the New World Translation the Watchtower has made some strange decisions. In John 1:1 they chose to translate “the Word was God” as “the Word was a god”. One source given as support for this is The New Testament—A New Translation and Explanation by Johannes Greber.

Turns out this Johannes Greber was a Catholic priest and a spiritist who himself admits that when he wrote his New Testament, he was inspired by demons. In other words, the New World Translation is inspired by demons and any doctrine it supports is a teaching of demons.

The Watchtower has since rejected Greber, but has not revised the verses inspired by his demonic New Testament.

The number of anointed

Occult connections

Masonic Connection

Plain weird

Horrible morality