In the 1968 book “Life everlasting in the freedom of the sons of god”, the Watchtower society essentially claimed that Armageddon would be in the fall of 1975. Later when it didn’t happen they of course would never admit to it. Instead they turned around and blamed the witnesses for jumping to wrong conclusions.

You be the judge. Read these pages from the book and tell me that they didn’t say that.

What they say is:

  • The sixth millennium ends in 1975
  • Jehovah views 1000 years to equal one day, hence for Jehovah the sixth day ends in 1975
  • They equate it with the 7 day week, where the 7th day is the sabbath
  • They say Jesus millennial reign will be the sabbath day, because Jesus is Lord of the sabbath. Hence the seventh millennium, which will start in the fall of 1975, will be the millennial reign of Christ
  • They say the millennial reign will run parallel to the seventh millennium of mankind, i.e. from 1975 to 2975.
  • They say it would be “appropriate”, “fitting”, “not by mere chance or accident” and “according to his purpose” if Jehovah did this.
  • They add that the jubilee year law foreshadows this, giving a “full legal basis for its full glorious realization“ so that it “must without fail be introduced.”
  • They say it is “fast approaching”, it “is at hand” and will happen “within our generation“.

What conclusions would you draw from reading this?

How can anyone NOT understand this as a definite claim?

The fact that the Watchtower shifts the blame to the readers saying they misunderstood what they wrote and read too much into it, only shows how dishonest, deceitful and narcissistic this organization is.