White blood cells are transfused from mother to child via breast milk.

The Watchtower forbids consumption and transfusion of blood and the four major parts of blood, red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and plasma. Failure to follow these man made rules results in social ostracism and bullying.

However, when a woman breast feeds her baby, her colostrum breast milk contains on average 50 million white blood cells per milliliter. Decreasing to about 5 million white blood cells per milliliter in regular breast milk.

“Human breast milk, and especially the early colostrum, contains measurable levels of leukocytes [white blood cells]. Colostrum contains approximately 5×106 [50 million] cells per mL, an amount that decreases tenfold in mature milk. Most of these leukocytes are macrophages and neutrophils, which phagocytose microbial pathogens. Lymphocytes, including T cells, natural killer cells, and antibody-producing B cells, make up 10% of the leukocytes in human breast milk. There is evidence to suggest that these cells survive passage through the infant’s gastrointestinal system where they are absorbed and influence the infant’s immune response.”

On average a new born baby will drink at least 12oz (350ml) of breast milk a day. This means that a mother feeds her baby 17.5 BILLION white blood cells every day. This is what Jehovah has designed humans to do, so quite obviously, the Watchtower’s view on eating or transfusing blood components is false and goes against Jehovah’s designs.


Fossils of carnivorous behavior refute the teaching that animals were herbivores

The Watchtower teaches that from creation, before the flood, animals ate only vegetation.

it-2 p. 1148 Vegetation

God gave green vegetation to man and the animals as part of their original food supply, later expanding mankind’s diet to include meat from which the blood had been drained.

w81 4/1 p. 26 par. 25 Grateful for Our Happy Hope

There will even be peace between mankind and God’s animal creation; Jehovah will see to that, just as in the original paradise when the animals ate vegetation and did not harm humans.

In reality, fossil evidence shows that there have been carnivorous animals for millions of years. This completely debunks the Watchtower teaching.

These are photographs of fossilized bones from dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals showing bite marks left by attacking carnivorous predators.