What is love?

Love is a loyal self-sacrificing giving relationship to another person. If you love someone, you will be concerned about their wellbeing, you will be loyal to them, you will appreciate them, and you will give if yourself for them.

Love, however, is not a thing that can exist independent of the relationship between people. If there is only one person concerned, then love simply can not exist. You need to have at least two persons in order for love to exist.

But can’t you love yourself?

Love is other-centered, not self-centered. If you “love yourself” that is not really love, but egotism or even narcissism.

God IS love

“Whoever does not love has not come to know God, because God is love

1 John 4:8 NWT

John wrote something amazing. He is saying that God IS love. Not that God HAS love, but that he IS love.

That means that live is an intrinsic part of what God is. If there is no God there is no love. If there is no love, there is no God. If what John writes is true, then there can be no point in existence where love is not an intrinsic part of God.

“Jesus had a beginning

The problem is that Watchtower doctrine claims that Jesus is not eternally existent, but that he had a beginning. At some point in time, first Jesus did not exist, then he existed. According to the Watchtower, Jesus was the first thing that Jehovah created. Which means that before that event, Jehovah was all alone, only one person in all of existence.

That means that before Jesus was created, there was no one to love! If there was no one to love, then at that point, love did not exist. And if love did not exist, then it would be impossible for God to be love.

If Jesus did not exist eternally alongside the Father without a beginning, then there exists a point in time where love was impossible and didn’t exist.

That means that the Jehovah God described by the Watchtower can NOT be said to be love. Their God could maybe learn to love, but could never be described with the words “God is love”.

Perhaps their God could be said to be powerful, be wise, be just, even be able to have love.

But he can never be said to be love.

“But it was love that made God create other beings.”

Creating other beings because you want to have company is not love, but a satisfaction of a selfish desire. It only shows that your God is not self-sufficient.

Besides, since love is a relationship that would not exist before that, and there were no one to love, your God can not even have love.

The right conclusion

The only way that god could be described with the words “God is love”, is if God intrinsically, eternally consists of at least two persons. Only then is it possible to have eternal intrinsic love as the relationship between those persons.

That is what the doctrine of the trinity describes: One god, internally consisting of three eternal persons who have always and will always have a strong bond of love between them.

A Unitarian God, such as the one described by the Watchtower, simply lacks the capacity for intrinsic love, and is therefore not the God that is described in the Bible.