Psalm 25:14

Close friendship with Jehovah belongs to those who fear him, And he makes his covenant known to them.

Psalm 25:14 NWT

Biased translation

The word translated “close friendship“ is the Hebrew סוד which

John 13:32

God himself will glorify him, and he will glorify him immediately.

John 13:32 NWT


The Greek and other translations say: “God will glorify him in himself”. The NWT probably removes this because that Jesus is glorified in God hints at the triune nature of God.

John 13:32 Kingdom Interlinear

Romans 8:1

Therefore, those in union with Christ Jesus have no condemnation.

Romans 8:1 NWT


The Greek and other translation has the word “now” in the text: “There is therefore now no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus.” This is probably removed to hide the fact that salvation by faith in Jesus is an immediate thing, and not something that is postponed until after Armageddon, the millennial reign and the final test. Christians can enjoy their salvation in Christ immediately, but the Watchtower wants to hide this in order to coerce the Witnesses to keep striving after a carrot they may never reach.

Romans 8:1 Kingdom Interlinear

Ephesians 4:8

For it says: “When he ascended on high he carried away captives; he gave gifts in men.”

Ephesians 4:8


The original Greek and all other translations says that Jesus gave gifts to men, not in men. The text refers to the gifts of the Holy Spirit that Jesus gives to people to help ithey do his will. The Watchtower changes this words to inculcate an unquestioning obedience to their hierarchy of authority, insinuating that the leaders are gifts from God. They thus inappropriately glorify men.

Colossians 1:15-17, 20

He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation; 16 because by means of him all other things were created in the heavens and on the earth, the things visible and the things invisible, whether they are thrones or lordships or governments or authorities. All other things have been created through him and for him. 17 Also, he is before all other things, and by means of him all other things were made to exist, […] 20 and through him to reconcile to himself all other things by making peace through the blood he shed on the torture stake, whether the things on the earth or the things in the heavens.

Colossians 1:15-17, 20 NWT


The NWT adds the word “other” five times in this passage. No Greek manuscript and no other translation has this word. The word “other” radically changes the meaning here. Without “other” it says “all things were created by [Jesus]”, meaning that Jesus himself is not a creation but the eternal creator himself. By inserting the “other”, it insinuates that Jesus could himself be included in the classification of created things. It is inserted to support the Jehovah’s Witness teaching that Jesus is a created being, which is based on the third century heresy called Arianism.

Colossians 1:15-17,20 Kingdom Interlinear Translation

Colossians 1:21,22

21 Indeed, you who were once alienated and enemies because your minds were on the works that were wicked,22 he has now reconciled by means of that one’s fleshly body through his death, in order to present you holy and unblemished and open to no accusation before him—

Colossians 1:21,22 NWT


Yet another example of the abuse of prepositions, especially the “in” preposition. It seems more often than not the Greek “εν” meanin “in” is replaced with other prepositions to render the meaning totally different. Usually “in” becomes “in union with“ or “by means of” which are totally different things.

In this passage the correct translation would be “now has he reconciled in the body of his flesh through death”, because just like Noah was in the ark for salvation, so we are in a spiritual sense positionally in Christ’s body. The whole idea of Jesus resurrection depends on him actually bodily raised from the dead.The Jews had no concept of a “spiritual” resurrection but that’s a later Gnostic teaching. If Jesus was not raised bodily then our faith is in vain. We need to be in his body, so if his body is “dissolved” into atoms as the Watchtower teaches, how are going to be in it or partake of it?

The Watchtower changes in to by means of and thus make his body more akin to a tool or instrument which can be used and discarded. So they probably make this change to protect their doctrine that Jesus body was dissolved and that he was raised as a ghost. Even though Jesus himself contradicts their teachings in Luke 24:39 saying: “See my hands and my feet, that it is I myself; touch me and see, for a spirit does not have flesh and bones just as you see that I have.

Colossians 1:21,22 Kingdom Interlinear Translation

Colossians 2:9

because it is in him that all the fullness of the divine quality dwells bodily

Colossians 2:9 NWT

Biased translation

The Greek word rendered “divine quality” is θεότητος which actually means “divinity”, that is the divine nature or the thing that makes God God. It could well be rendered divine quality, it is technically correct. But this gives a watered down sense of its gravity. Like it is like any other quality is that perhaps other beings than God could have. In actually it is the quality that defines if a being is God or not.

But even with the Watchtower trying to water it down, it is still an undeniable proof for the Trinity doctrine. What it is saying in , undeniable terms is that Jesus is fully, 100% unequivocally divine. All the fullness of the quality which means someone is God dwells in Jesus. Or in other words: Jesus is fully God.

See the Trinity Doctrine

Revelation 5:10

and you made them to be a kingdom and priests to our God, and they are to rule as kings over the earth.”

Revelation 5:10 NWT

Change / Biased translation

The text translates the Greek word ἐπὶ (epi) as “over” when it is a preposition that means “upon”. From the surface of something and upward. This diagram from the first page of the printed edition of the Kingdom Interlinear explains it:

Epi means “upon”

The word is translated as “upon” or “on” in other parts of the Bible, for example in Matthew 6:10, which translates the same phrase, “on [the] earth”, as in Revelation 5:10.

Let your Kingdom come. Let your will take place, as in heaven, also on earth.

Matthew 6:10

The reason for this is to hide the fact that the kings of God’s Kingdom will physically rule on earth, and not from heaven as the Watchtower teaches. They will be here, people can see them, meet them, touch them. They will not be an anonymous council veiled in invisibility in heaven.

Revelation 5:10 Kingdom Interlinear
Matthew 6:10 Kingdom Interlinear