In the 1968 book “Life everlasting in the freedom of the sons of God” the Watchtower essentially flat out said that Armageddon would come in the fall of 1975. But the book also have some nice pictures of Jesus – Without a beard!

Because the anti-beard policy, although never written down and completely unscriptural, was and still is informally enforced. But Jesus had a beard, right? Yes he had, and he’s our exemplar. So how do we do so the brothers all over the world won’t start wearing beards?

Solution: Beardless Jesus.

Let’s have a look…

Jesus begins his service as a nice clean shaven young man, reading the scroll of Isaiah. The other men wears beards, and most likely the heat and itchiness drove them to overreact when Jesus announced that he was the beardless messiah.
The naughty scribes with their beards tries to trick beardless Jesus with a trick question about paying taxes. Luckily Jesus, not being distracted by an itchy chin, gives them an answer that astounded everyone.
Beardless Jesus eating the last supper with his eleven loyal apostles, of whom only three wears a beard. Judas Iscariot has already left. No doubt that evildoer had a beard. A big one!
A beardless Jesus executed on the torture stake. Funny how after not shaving for a day and a half he doesn’t even have a stubble. Perhaps he had time to freshen up before the execution. After all there is no trace of his lashings and beatings either…

These pictures illustrate the length to which the Watchtower is willing to go to control every aspect of people’s lives, down to how much hair they have on their bodies.