In the watchtower study article 52 of 2019 we had this gem:

As anyone who’s ever been involved in archery knows, you want all arrows to be as identical as possible. Whether in a competition, hunting or at war, if you draw an arrow from your quiver and it’s thicker, thinner, heavier, lighter, bent, broken , too short, too long, or have any variation from what is optimal, it’s going to severely affect your performance. You want all arrows to be as similar as possible.

If anything this scripture means that children are useful, can be a protection, something that intimidates your enemy, something to show how manly you are. It does not mean that each child should be treated as a special individual though, the illustration simply does not lend itself to that interpretation. The direct opposite in fact.

The writing department of the Watchtower have yet again showed their incompetence. These are the people you trust for your life decisions?

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