The year 607 BCE is pivotal to all of Jehovah’s witnesses theology. It’s the basis for calculating the year 1914, and without 1914, you don’t have 1919, and the Watchtower claims that in 1919 they were selected as the sole channel of God’s communication.

So knock out 607BCE and it all comes tumbling down.

First if all we need the lengths of the reigns of the Babylonian kings from Nebuchadnezzar to Nabonidus. You’ll find them here:


Evil-Meridach, Neriglissar and Labashi-Marduk.


Nebuchadnezzar reigned 43 years, Evil-Merodach 2 years, Nerglissar 4 years, Labashi-Marduk 9 months (started and ended the same year, so 0 years), and Nabonidus 17 years.

When did Babylon fall? In 539BCE.

So the combined reign of these 5 kings is 43+2+4+0+17=66 years.

The destruction of Jerusalem occurred in Nebuchadnezzar’s 18th/19th year.

So between the destruction of Jerusalem there was 66-18 years, or 48 years.

So what year is 48 years before 539BCE?

539 + 48 = 587.

Yes, the destruction of Jerusalem occurred in 587BCE, just as all the history experts say. And now we proved it using ONLY watchtower publications.

There is NO way you can add it up to 607 BCE without getting gaps of up to 20 years between the kings. The Watchtower’s claim is clearly false, as proven by their own data and elementary school math.

No 607? No 1914!

No 1914? No invisible coming nor selection of a “Faithful servant”.

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